Open source Narupa builder!


Very excited to announce a beta release of the open-source Narupa VR-enabled builder, which allows the building, designing, and editing of molecules.

Any bugs, issues, or feature requests should be reported to the issue board on the gitlab repository, where you can also find the source code under a GPL license.

This iteration of the Narupa Builder has been built by Jae Levy, Alex Jamieson-Binnie and Mark Wonnacott, on top of previous work by Lidia Teleoaca, Paul Chirculescu, and Mike O’Connor.

All sorts of nice new features are in the pipeline and will be available very soon, so stay tuned! You can see more videos of the builder in action. For example, this video link shows Narupa builder being used to make buckminsterfullerene, and this video shows it being used to make the overhanded molecular knot described by Gil-Ramirez and workers (JACS 2016, 138, p13159)

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