I’ve recently finished a novel that I’ve been working on for the last two years… the pdf is available here – FistOfABumCalledGod-v2 – If you prefer a hardcopy, then email me, and I can post you one for free.

Here’s a blurb about it:

The Fist of a Bum Called god follows one character’s erratic and haphazard adventure to find a schizophrenic vagabond with an unsavory reputation for bruising the faces and bloodying the noses of the bored and charitable few that still bother to look him in the eyes anymore these days. The bum calls himself god. And he’s been reeling ever since he fell from grace.

What kind of stuff is it?  It’s rapid fire, stream of conscience, lotta insight, lotta nonsense. Like an infinitely gritty onion, it’s got as many layers as you can be bothered to peel away, and has been described as:


– “one massive search for where exactly we locate god in culture these days – and possibly even more important: where god locates us these days.”

– “Imagine combining the energy of a Hunter S. Thompson trip, the cultural analysis of a Michel Foucault essay, the infinite confusion of Borges, and some Vonnegut-esque humor. With a little dose of magic realism to grease the wheels.”

Illustrations are being undertaken in collaboration with artist Becca Rose.

Comments – positive, negative, neutral, editorial – will be received enthusiastically.

3 thoughts on “Writing

    • hey Bella – thanks for your interest! at the moment, all i have are print editions, which are free – if you want one then email me a postal address and i’ll ship one out! i hope to make the pdf available soon. dave

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