I’m continually on the lookout for motivated people at the undergraduate, PhD, or post-doctoral level with some background in physical science, computational science, digital aesthetics, etc. who might be interested in joining us along our trans-disciplinary research journey. I have access to various streams of funding to support good candidates. My particular areas of interests right now include the development and application of virtual reality, machine-learning, and high-performance computing technologies for use in molecular dynamics simulation – particularly in biochemical systems and atmospheric systems, on both ground and excited states. That said, I’m always open to crazy ideas if you have an interesting proposal!

Funding streams to which I have access can support a range of positions, including:

I’m also on the lookout (and have funding) for people from non-academic computational backgrounds (e.g., graphics programming, game design, machine learning, high-performance computing, etc.) who might be interested to engage with scientific and/or artistic research projects.

If you’re interested, then send me (David Glowacki!) an email which includes some information about yourself, a CV, and some idea of the sorts of things that you might be interested in working on. I look forward to hearing from you!