launch of a new {open-source} community!

In order to focus my energy on open-source & community projects, I’ve recently decided to step away from Interactive Scientific, a company which I co-founded in 2013. I am now focusing intention on ArtSci International, a non-profit organization that to builds open-source software tools for scientific simulation using state-of-the-art computational technologies like virtual & augmented reality, hardware-adapted parallelism, high-bandwidth networks, and cloud-based supercomputing. Open innovation & community-values will form the bedrock of our ethos moving forward, taking inspiration from open-source companies like Mozilla. It’s something I’m excited about, because a strong intellectual commons, along with community-driven free and open-source software, encapsulates the values, philosophy, and approach that has driven scientific enquiry for centuries. ArtSci’s mission will be foccussed on initiating & maintaining various open-source projects, ensuring that our projects remain open to continuous peer review with strong scientific foundations that empower communities to cooperatively learn from one another. Stay tuned for more!

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