dS installations: Bristol, Germany, and London


Hidden Fields dance performance, the ‘whirlpool’ scene

The past few months have seen a range of exciting danceroom Spectroscopy & Hidden Fields activities. For example, during 24 – 26th October 2013, we partnered with the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol to carry out the first ever dSFest, installed in a 21 meter diameter, 360 degree projection dome. During 4-6 January 2014, we had an installation and set of performances at the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Technology in Germany. And over 1-2 March, we’re participating in a digital arts festival at London’s Barbican Arts Centre. There’s been a whole host of interesting media content associated with these events, including articles in The Guardian, Imperica, and the Huffington Post. And our dS photographer Paul Blakemore has recently put together a stunning photo essay describing some of the amazing shots he’s been able to capture…


dS Fest, Bristol, in the 21m diameter 360 projection dome

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