danceroom Spectroscopy has its own site

danceroom Spectroscopy (dS) continues to pick up momentum beyond what I ever imagined – just this week, we have been covered in Chemistry World and on The Creators Project. With all this coverage, and given our coming appearances at South by Southwest festival, the Bristol Harbourside Festival, and as part of the London 2012 cultural Olympiad, my own site is becoming pretty dS heavy.

So we’ve launched a new site, which will serve as the official vehicle for dS content on the web. The URL is  Enjoy! and spread the word!

2 thoughts on “danceroom Spectroscopy has its own site

    • awesome!!! i’m constantly stressing over how awkward the name ‘spectroscopy’ is… before doing this art project, i never imagined there might be peeps out there that couldn’t pronounce it. But hey, if it helped you find us, then i guess there’s some use in obscure terminology. if you’re in the market for cool ‘spectroscopy’ stuff, you should check out our project website:
      peas, glowacki

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