The Sights & Sounds of Danceroom Spectroscopy

Check out this video of some of the sights and sounds generated by DanceRoom Spectroscopy. The people that you see in the video are interactively warping the virtual force field felt by an ensemble of 70 particles in a mixed classical-quantum Feynmann-Hibbs simulation. The sounds that you hear in the video are generated on-the-fly via analysis of particle-particle collision events which were recorded at Changing Perspectives over 18th-19th March…

2 thoughts on “The Sights & Sounds of Danceroom Spectroscopy

  1. Dave, Woke up thinking about dancing and particles and Fermi..I won’t go on about it too much, but I just watched this short explanation of your project and it is really exciting! It called to mind a show I saw a few years ago involving this artist Camille Utterback’s External Measures Series. Technology based art can be so unmemorable, but when you include movement and science, well, its pretty exciting. So! I hope to hear more about it in the future! Since your trip is nearly over, I don’t expect I’ll have the opportunity to talk with you in person. Meeting you and hearing about your project was a great spark to my imagination, so thank you!
    Truly, Leslie

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