Guest Lecturer in the Arctic at UNIS, Svalbard

During the first couple of weeks of October, I visited Longyearbyen in Svalbard, which is located at 78 degrees north latitude, well within the Arctic Circle.  I gave a series of guest lectures at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), which is the northernmost higher education/research institute in the world. The lectures covered: (1) atmospheric transport dynamics; (2) elementary chemical kinetics and photochemistry; (3) tropospheric oxidation chemistry; and (4) stratospheric ozone chemistry.  On the final day, we tied it all together to discuss two important polar atmospheric chemistry phenomena – stratospheric ozone holes, and Arctic haze.

Don’t be freaked out by the rifle; it’s a Svalbard law that people walking outside the settlements – even the surrounding hills – bear arms to warn off polar bears.

2 thoughts on “Guest Lecturer in the Arctic at UNIS, Svalbard

  1. Hi David,
    It’s French Alexandre from UNIS where you gave atmospheric chemistry courses. Well just to tell you your courses was very interested. I am doing my last months at university before to do a 6-months internship and I am thinking about to work in lab (or engineer consultant group) dealing with atmospheric chemistry. Do you know any lab specialized in this ? You were a good teacher I think. Hope all is alright for you, good continuation at Bristol if you still here

    • Hi Alexandre – good to hear from you! i am actually in UNIS right now, lecturing on atmospheric chemistry and physics once again. If you are interested in working in an atmospheric chemistry lab at a university, then this website – – has a list of some of the university groups that are active in atmospheric chemistry research in Europe. If you follow these links, you will find emails and things for people to contact. good luck! and i hope that you are doing well! dave

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