I’m on the lookout to hire motivated people with a range of backgrounds (from both academic and non-academic backgrounds) who are interested in joining the intangible realities laboratory, either in-person or remotely. We carry out trans-disciplinary research spanning art & science, including: human-computer interaction, citizen science, electronic textiles, digital aesthetics, computer science, psychedelic science, and cognitive science.

I have access to various streams of funding to hire several people, including a recently awarded ERC grant. The lab is currently focused on two major projects:

(1) development & application of a cloud-mounted gamified VR framework that enables citizen scientists distributed across the world to help solve important problems in nanoscience for application to domains like medicine & green energy.

(2) designing VR environments which can be used to in collaboration with psychiatrists and psychologists to improve the outcomes within the psychedelic psychotherapy research domain.

If you’re interested, get in touch with a CV, some information about yourself, specific reasons why you are interested in our work, and some idea of the sorts of things that you might be interested in working on. I look forward to hearing from you!