Green Tara lockdown meditation

This Green Tara was painted as a lockdown meditation during spring/summer 2020.

Tārā is a buddha manifestation embodying the qualities of feminine energy within the universe. She offers warmth, compassion, and relief from suffering. Like a mother for her children, she engenders, nourishes, and smiles at the vitality of creation. In her Green form, Tārā offers protection from the variety of unfortunate circumstances encountered by beings trapped in cyclic existence. She is characterized by wind energy, enabling her to act quickly to ease the suffering of her children.

Confined to the house like so many around the world during the global COVID pandemic, I initiated this Green Tārā project as a kind of prayer offering, intended to ease the physical, emotional, and psychological suffering of all those impacted by COVID.

The video captures ~100 hrs of work. The total project took ~150 hours. The fabric detail and the background stenciling (shown in the images at the beginning & end) required an additional ~50 hr, but are not included in the time lapse.

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