Post-Doctoral Opportunity!

diamondI’ve recently been awarded EPSRC funding to support a post-doctoral researcher. The project involves an exciting new multidisciplinary collaboration with a talented team of experimental surface spectroscopists in Edinburgh. The primary objectives are: (1) build user-friendly algorithms that automate the process of constructing potential energy surfaces [e.g., using machine learning and/or interactive strategies]; and (2) carry out accelerated classical and semi-classical molecular dynamics simulations to assist the Edinburgh group interpret results from inelastic and reactive scattering dynamics at the surfaces of inert and reactive liquids. This work will build on my group’s expertise using state-of-the-art parallel programming paradigms, new classes of rare event algorithms, and even interactive sampling strategies to explore a range of reaction dynamics in condensed phases. Beyond increasing our fundamental understanding of collision dynamics and energy transfer at liquid surfaces; this project has important practical applications – namely, providing tools and strategies that enable us to model heterogeneous chemical reaction dynamics in earth’s atmosphere (e.g., on the surface of aerosols). Because the radiative forcing of aerosols remains amongst the largest uncertainties in global climate change models, this an area where progress is desperately required.

The anticipated start date of this post is Jan/Feb 2016, with an initial appointment of 1 year, and the possibility for a 2-year extension. Salary is £31,342 – £35,256 (GBP) per year, depending on experience. Feel free to send me an email to make informal inquiries. International applicants welcome. Further application details are available at

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