Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 23.45.39David Glowacki (that’s me) is originally from Milwaukee. I am a scientist, artist, and cultural theorist that studies all kinds of things, and sometimes manages to connect a few dots. I have published across a range of subjects including classical and quantum dynamics, biochemistry, computer programming, atmospheric chemistry, scientific instrument development, optics, spectroscopy, religion and power, and cultural theory. One of my cross-disciplinary projects is the multi-award winning ‘danceroom Spectroscopy’, which has been touring internationally over the past few years (e.g., London’s Barbican, Germany’s ZKM, London 2012, Stanford’s Art Institute).

I am a Royal Society Research Fellow jointly based at the University of Bristol and Stanford University. My Bristol office is joint between the Centre for Computational Chemistry, and the Department of Computer Science; my Stanford office is joint between the Department of Chemistry and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator). I am an academic staff member of the EPRSC-funded doctoral training centre for Theory and Modelling in the Chemical Sciences, and I also have a residency at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio. I use tools from classical and quantum mechanics to understand a range of non-equilibrium nano-physics relevant to gases, solids, and liquids. The applications of my research are diverse – from atmospheric chemistry to materials to biochemistry to organic chemistry to combustion, and even new platforms for interactive digital art

I graduated from UPenn in 2003, where I obtained a degree in chemistry, and did significant coursework in lots of other subjects – mathematics, philosophy, comparative literature, and religions. In 2004 I obtained an MA in cultural theory at the School of Religions and Theology in Manchester. I completed my PhD in physical chemistry at Leeds University in 2008. After four years as a post-doc in Bristol, I was awarded a Royal Society Research Fellowship and tenured faculty position in 2013.

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